At Springbank, we want all children to grow up healthy, happy, safe, and able to manage the challenges and opportunities of living in modern Britain. RHE and Citizenship puts in place the building blocks needed for children to form and maintain positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. That is why the Relationships and Health Education (RHE) curriculum forms a core part of our wider curriculum provision. We also use the HeartSmart programme alongside the RHE curriculum we have designed to ensure there is a vast variety of coverage. This also supports our Citizenship curriculum, which we have created to run with both elements of the RHE curriculum we use.

By the end of primary school, it is mandatory for pupils to have been taught content on:

  • ·      Families and people who care for me
  • ·      Caring friendships

  • ·      Respectful relationships

  • ·      Online relationships

  • ·      Being safe

  • ·      Mental wellbeing

  • ·      Internet safety and harms

  • ·      Physical health and fitness

  • ·      Healthy eating

  • ·      Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

  • ·      Health and prevention

  • ·      Basic first aid

  • ·      The changing adolescent body

Mrs Barrett

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