Springbank Academy and Nursery is a place where all our children, staff and wider school community can excel in an environment where they feel safe, happy, and cared for.  We are a school that is committed to providing a high standard of education for every pupil, and pursue excellence at every opportunity.  Our motto "Caring, Happy, Healthy, Sporty, Scientific" sets out our mission. We see ourselves at the heart of the local community, in a partnership with parents and carers, offering excellence in education and helping the children to learn the core learning skills they will need for their future.

Message from the Head Teacher - End of Summer Term 28.07.2022


The end of a school year, but also the end of an era in Springbank’s journey to excellence. There are many exciting things on the horizon with a new curriculum being developed and at long last a return to pre-Covid routines which I am sure you will all be very happy about. I am. We need to learn to live with Covid and adapt with a smile, don’t we?
The first part of this was giving the children and families of Springbank a July Christmas party which was such fun! I could never, ever have had a better ending to my career at Springbank. You all being there with me gave me so many memories that will be stored in my heart forever and be pulled on when i need a moment to make me smile. The staff team were all amazing at organising this and I can’t thank them enough.
Thank you all for being there for me. It meant such a lot.
Mr Lumley starts  his headship in September and I am so pleased as I have left the school with an amazing team of empowered teachers and a leader that will continue to lead Springbank on to further success and in to the future.
I start my travels on September 1st , have exams in late September and then start my new roles in November. I will take with me many memories from Springbank and the staff team reminded me of our journey as we had coffee and cake together at New Horizon church on Wednesday afternoon. It was an amazing event with films taking me back through the journey we have been on and a masked reader film of my favourite book. It was magical but I am still not sure who the polar bear was! I can now walk away knowing the children will be cared for, loved and challenged to do their very best.

Please remember that the first day back for all children will be Friday 2nd September 2022.
I leave you with lots of love and a smile.
Take care every one of you and remember to follow your dreams…

With warm wishes as always,
Julie Vaccari


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