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Message from the Head Teacher - 28.06.2022


It has been quite a week and it is only Tuesday.

There are two things that I need to update you about: firstly, COVID is rearing its head again and the symptoms of this Omnicron variant are extremely unpleasant. This strain of virus seems to begin with nausea then sickness and diarrhoea and the usual sore throat, runny nose and head cold. For some of the adults in school, it can only be likened to a very bad bout of flu and they have been bed bound.

So please, if your child has a temperature or is feeling sick, please bear these symptoms in mind. Within school we now have the extra hand washing and cleaning regime back again, to keep every one of our children safe. COVID has hit the headlines again and we are certainly feeling it within our community. So please take care everyone.

Talking of hand washing, I am so very sorry that the water pressure unit has broken down today, leaving us with no hot water in school at all. Can I say a very big thank you to all parents and carers who supported us with the school closure today. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to close the school tomorrow, whilst the unit is fixed and refurbished. We will be in contact throughout the day to let you know when this has been fixed and we will all be able to let you know when school can open again. Hopefully this will be on Thursday. Fingers crossed! Please remember that school is closed on Friday due to INSET Training with the Trust of schools.

Tonight, all teachers from Reception to Year 6 will be emailing you the learning for the day and the remote virtual links either by Microsoft Teams or Google Meet (Google Classroom) for tomorrow:

Reception – Via Microsoft Teams

9.00-9.30 – Phonics

10.00-10.30 – Story time

1.00-1.30 – Under the sea learning theme

Year 1 – Via Microsoft Teams

9.15 - 10 – Introduction to the day

11.00 – 11.45 - Maths

12.45-1.30- Phonics

Year 2 – Via Google Meet

10-11 – Writing

1-2.00- Reading Comprehension

2.45-3.30- Conclusion to the day – History

Year 3 – Via Microsoft teams

9-10 – Maths

10-11 – Reading

11 -12 – Writing

1-2.00- Art

Year 4 – Via Google Meet

10-11 – Reading Comprehension

1-2.00- P4C

2.45-3.30- Share any learning from the day

Year 5 - Via Microsoft teams

9-10 – Maths

11 -12 – Writing

1-2.00- History (continents in WW2)

Year 6 - Via Google Meet

9-10 – Grammar

11 -12 – Maths (Perimeter)

1-2.00- Charles Darwin

2 -3.00 – History – Sticky Knowledge – Ancient Egypt

Thank you once again for all of your support, do not hesitate your class teacher if you need any more information.

Please take great care everyone.

With Warm Wishes,

Julie Vaccari


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