Our policies are reviewed by staff and governors annually, but throughout the school year we draft changes and some may be refined in school to improve our performance.  Changes will be made on paper copies in school, pending publication on the website after the annual review.  Major changes and updates will be signposted in the newsletter.

If you would like a paper copy of any of the policies, or would like to discuss any of the information contained within, please contact the school office.

As we are a member of The White Hills Park Trust, some policies are trust-wide and apply to all their academies. You can see these policies on the Trust’s website.



Reviewed every January

Health and Safety

Reviewed every February

Employment and Staff

Reviewed every March


Reviewed every April


Reviewed every June

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Reviewed every September


Reviewed every October


Reviewed every November

Behaviour, Attitudes and Conduct

Reviewed every December